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We manage, enrich and upload the product catalogue of some of the most reputed B2B and B2C E-commerce portals of India. Our team has rich experience in performing all kinds of data entry, data validation and data enrichment functions.

We have a team of expert content writers who have expertise in writing SEO Content, Product Descriptions, Alt Texts, Promotional Content, Content for Reputation Management, Travelogues, Travel Plans, Reviews, Classifieds, Press Releases, Product Reviews and More. We also create question banks based on Bloom’s difficulty levels.

We have experts who are skilled in fetching various kinds of data from the Internet. Be it details on various events or portfolios or product specifications, our team knows exactly where to search to get the right data.

Under the banner of SholoanaBangaliana.com, we have been working in the Bengali Film Industry for the past 4 years. We have expertise in writing subtitles for all kinds of Hindi and Bengali content. We also specialize in writing film reviews, music reviews, Interview transcripts and event reports. We also take pride in conducting celebrity interviews that are highly enjoyed by the readers.

Back Office Jobs

The Sparks Call Tech Private Limited back office team is skilled in the following domains:

Data Mining

Finding unique data (example: conferences to be held, tradeshows to be held, list of vendors specializing in particular products etc.) from the vast information pools available on the internet.

Catalogue Management

Uploading customer, retailer, wholesaler, product information and other technical details on the portals provided by clients running large scale E-commerce portals.

Data Enrichment

Regular up-gradation, checking, correction and validation of data already published on the client’s e-commerce portals.

Quality Checking

Checking quality of the data provided to clients by various other vendors and rectification as well as reporting of the same in formats provided by the clients.

Data Uploading

Scanning and uploading of data provided on hard copies by vendors on portals provided by E-commerce clients

Content Management

The Creative Team at Sparks Call Tech Private Limited excels in the following domains:

SEO Articles, Blogs, PRs

Writing various kinds of SEO articles, Blogs, PRs, Squidoo, Hubs etc.


Writing catchy and highly relevant classified ads for the purpose of promotion of various products, sites, companies, brands etc.

Web Content

Writing SEO friendly content for websites giving all details of their Mission, Vision, Products, Services, etc. Also, writing relevant testimonials, informational blogs etc. to be published on the web page.

Product Descriptions

Writing well-researched and detailed descriptions of products available for sale on client’s E-commerce portals so as to enable buyers to make informed purchase decisions.

Reputation Management Articles

Writing extensive articles detailing the portfolio, achievements, merits and services offered by individuals and companies.

Travelogues and Travel Plans

Writing travelogues as well as making travel plans for travel related websites. Writing reviews for various tourist attractions etc.

Film and Media

Sparks Call Tech Private Limited, under the banner of SholoanaBangaliana.com also works closely with the Hindi (Bollywood) and Bengali (Tollywood) Film industry. The creative team here, specializes in writing film, reviews, music reviews, event and premiere reports, interview transcripts and more.

Writing subtitles for Hindi and Bengali Films is another field that the team specializes in.

To get a glimpse of our media related work, visit: www.sholoanabangaliana.in

Other Services

We have also worked on various other assignments like:

  • Collection of field data
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Fixing
  • Data Verification

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